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music review: the artists who tried to evolve their sound

Yeah, I know I did not write about music in a while and I am so sorry for that. But today is the day when the change is about to come. So sit down for a while, grab your headphones and let’s get started.

Halsey – The Hopeless Fountain Kingdom



Badlands was an excellent album, however, it seems Ashley has tried something new, however, it didn’t quite fit in as there were a lot of fillers in this album, short tracks and a feature with Quavo on the track ‘Lie’ which wasn’t really pleasant. It’s not remotely bad; it certainly sounds just like one of the most hotly awaited pop albums of 2017. But you can discern, just off stage, the chorus of unignorable industry types bearing down on one bankable creative, advising this timely collaboration, that hot producer, this set of references. 2017 has had better pop records surely, but hearing Halsey grow as an artist is a uniquely rewarding experience that makes the album’s faults more forgivable and its successes more thrilling. The Hopeless Fountain Kingdom might be defiantly ambitious, but it’s surprisingly cohesive.

f197f8c7acfb674194eb4b71f84369af-98Imagine Dragons – Evolve

They’re aiming for a rockier sound Walking The Wire has a guitar solo that could conceivably be influenced by U2. If you stick your head under a pillow before hitting play – but, as one listens to opener I Don’t Know Why amply demonstrates, it just comes off like Michael Bolton dad-dancing to Justin Timberlake at a family wedding. Pop deserves better. Rock deserves better. We all deserve better. There’s not enough quality across the whole of Evolve to convincingly make the case that Imagine Dragons actually have, or to attract an audience of new listeners. Evolve is a good idea, but in practice, it turns out that it doesn’t really work. Every second band or an artist is making a change in their music and so did Imagine Dragons and let’s make it clear – not in vain is spoken that old is the gold.

a45096d07a74120b1ef5c6e3201c66fc-98Mac DeMarco – This old dog

This is a fantastic album. Most artists who try to revolutionize their sound tend to disappoint and go off the tracks musically, but Mac DeMarco has managed to create a more slow and intimate album without truely losing grip on his musical roots. Mac DeMarco has really proven that he is one of the young talented artists to be reckoned with, especially since we’re in a generation where those young pop/rock prodigies are fading away. While This Old Dog isn’t as magical as Mac’s earlier material it is another great album. It’s more somber and less energetic than his earlier work, but it’s more quality jangle-pop from one of the music world’s better new artists.While not everything is fully realized, and not every song hits the mark completely, this is an enjoyable and solid album that seems an improvement over recent DeMarco LPs. A definite recommend.

The Killers – The Man

Rumors say that The Killers are going to release a new album and it is no longer a secret. The Killers had released this single just a week ago and to be honest, this is my soundtrack for the summer. It has those 70s pop vibes and it is such a good song. However, no one knows what is the new album going to be.

That is all for this post although it is not all for this post. I have a bunch of honorable mentions of artists and bands changing their style but that would make this article a super-long thing.  So tell me which evolve of the music style was the most shocking for you. And if it was positive or negative.

and hopefully, see you soon

D. xx


9 thoughts on “music review: the artists who tried to evolve their sound

  1. I was really surprised by how much I liked the new Halsey album after I kind of dismissed it. I haven’t had a chance to check out the new album from The Killers yet but it’s definitely on my to do list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked the new Halsey album! And just to make it clear – The Killer haven’t released the whole album yet, they released just a song called The Man and it’s brilliant. x


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