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Over and done with, part 2

I wrote a similar post like this one, last year when I was ending in my primary school.  It was a summary of how I saw the primary school through the year and then. Now, my view on it is different, but that is an another story. Today, I was trying to write the similar a thing. Well, the first year of my art school studies is gone and it wouldn’t be so nice if I did not tell you about it. But who knows if this will be published in the end. But well, if you are reading it I did it.

You know, when there is a new a start of something we feel excited and terrified at the same time, especially I do. I could not admit that something ended and something is about to begin. I could not imagine what living on my own is and I was filled with anxiety but encouraged to find the way how to survive. The summer holiday was awesome, but yeah, everything is about to end and so happened to the summer holiday. The first month in a foreign town was terrifying and fun at the same time. I met a bunch of amazing people and totally loved my new classmates. As the time passed I started to talk with people from the school and joined the group of people called the Coven in my school. We went to the tea house every month before the full moon. It was fun and these tea meetings totally changed my of view on the everything including myself. Oh yes, and with the support of everyone, I went vegan.16585300_1223983657656162_8732952574845517824_n

 As time was passing I was changing the way I looked and always changing something about my appearance. I got my bangs cut, dyed my hair red twice and I also got 3 piercings and a tattoo. I think it is not important to write about everything that happened. It is not that important. My favorite YouTuber said this once and I am saying it saying again – In the start of the school year, I felt like the first verse of the song National Anthem by Lana Del Rey where she sings that he says how to be cool, but I don’t know how yet. And by now I feel like the second verse which says he says to be cool, but I am already coolest. 

I know that I moved forward things and did a progress in becoming the best version of myself. I was so lost in September, it is completely terrifying. A lot can happen in 10 months. And time flows so fast, everything is temporary. We don’t even realize that maybe this is the last time. We should appreciate what we have more than complaining about what we don’t have. Nothing will be the same in a year. You can learn a lot in 10 months. 

But here comes the summer holiday. The story is over, I know but it goes on. It never ends. I want these two months of the holiday to spend by traveling with people I met, to relax, to create more art and to find what I lost about myself again. And definitely, to blog more, however, my laptop is gone,it is gonna be I way harder but, I promise I won’t stop writing.

Have a nice day and see you soon, friends.

D. xx





2 thoughts on “Over and done with, part 2

  1. Transitions in life will always be a challenging phase. But then nothing compares to the feeling of overcoming it and surpassing all the anxiety and fears. We just have to be brave enough to cast it aside, because it doesn’t belong in us. I hope you enjoy this summer! 🙂


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