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Through my school works

Quick note: The photos used in this post are mine and mine alone. I also hope that if someone from my class reads this won’t get angry or something for using these photos.

As a student of any kind of art, people will ask you to show them your school works. The same thing is happening to me but it is normal I guess. You asked for this on twitter so badly so here it is.

I totally remember my first photography lesson when the teacher told us about the 3 types of the composition in the photographies. Well, they were .. uh… diagonal,  the golden cut and the rule of thirds. We had to take photos as an example of all 3, but unfortunately, I didn’t find these photos. The first big topic we got was The same shapes and these photos I had were seriously miserable. The second big theme we got was the Colorful accent in an achromatic reality.  And here is one of those photos I had for this topic. DSC_0947

The funniest thing about this was that in my photos for this topic was a one really bad photo of a red traffic light and on that lesson when I brought it to school everyone got to continue with an achromatic reality and my task was to bring more photos of the traffic lights. The thing itself wasn’t fun. It was sometime in November so it was kind of cold and I was standing in front of traffic lights for like 2 hours and while doing that people asked why was I doing it. But it was successful, let’s say.


Nothing interesting was really going on after this, however, then the Christmas holiday came and our homework was.. well, it was difficult. It was supposed to be a photo of something for the top view in the square format with hands or legs. And these photos were subsequently taken into the exhibition in the local shopping mall. Mine photos for this was a something like these ↓ however, my teacher chose totally different photos for the exhibition and it still just driving me crazy.  


And after this happened we had to work with lights and dark, okay, well, we had to do something with luminography.  This was seriously fun to do. I really enjoyed it.DSC_031Luminography was a long time topic and however, it was fun after that came details. I chose fruit cause we actually had some at times when this was going on and at the second I had no second idea. It was really boring but everyone liked my photos so let’s say I did it successfully.


Yeah, I thought details were such a boring topic but the next one was Still Life. Modern, Classic and the found one. Modern was fun but those other ones were terribly dull.


the classic still live


the modern one



and the found one

The last thing we did was portrait.  Fashion and the Terry Richardson inspired ones. The fashion thing was just a casual thing and it was okay but the Terry Richardson inspired thing was actually really fun. And you probably don’t know who is Terry Richardson but all I will tell you is – Remember that photo of Miley Cyrus with glasses and tongue out? Yup, that’s it. DSC_036-7DSC_036-5DSC_036-2DSC_036-3

I really hope you enjoyed this article because you can’t even imagine how difficult is to put school works from the half of a year together and write something about them what actually makes sense. Have a nice day, holiday or Easter if you celebrate this! and hopefully, see you soon!

D. xx


6 thoughts on “Through my school works

  1. This was really interesting to read. I’m just getting into photography but haven’t taken any formal lessons, it’s interesting to hear from your perspective. Well done!


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