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Already released in March

Remember the Already released in 2017. post, right? I decided to start doing these posts regularly as an another series of music blog posts and yes, don’t worry I will try to write those full album reviews where I will do track by tracck posts as well. They are better for you if you want to really know what is the specific album about and those posts are fun to do but they literally take days to write. The type of posts like this one are not that difficult to do, they take less time to write and contain just a little of information so you can straight jump into it and still make your own idea of what the music might be about. Let’s just jump into this.

Again, I chose 3 albums that were released this month and here are the reviews of them. Have fun!

Ed Sheeran – Divide

With the initial singles released (Castle on the Hill, Shape of You), I had high expectations for this album and I am not even a fan of Ed. I was wrong. I don’t want to say it’s bad, but it’s bad. It’s notdivide_cover bad in the sense that the songs are just terrible, but in the sense that Ed failed to execute properly on the vision he had for this album. Listening to the entire thing, I could grasp the kind of overall sound he was aiming for, but he failed to both create compelling songs to achieve that vision, and/or to create songs that are sonically cohesive. You might hear glimpses of genius (in Eraser or Bibia Be Ye Ye or Barcelona for instance) but that feeling is drowned by the realization that the song doesn’t fit or that it’s potential was not fully explored. Overall, a very lackluster album that has spots of potential that sadly never gets realized, and also sorely lacks focus. My English teacher was right – you can′t be ginger and the rockstar unless you’re not Johny Rotten.

The Shins – Heartworms 

This album is different than the previous ones by the Shins. This one sounds like the classic 80´s indie rock although the previous ones were just calm and relaxing. 220px-the_shins_-_heartwormsWhen I first heard the album-opening song Name for you I believed I was listening to the Tame Impala or something similar to that. Several years back, James Mercer and Danger Mouse tried to wed the Shins’ sound with a pop sensibility on the Broken Bells albums, with mixed results. I guess Mr. Mercer didn’t give up on this idea because he finally succeeded on the new Shins album, Heartworms. This album is the Shins’ most pop-oriented album, yet it still sounds like the Shins (which is a good thing). The band’s music is funkier and more dance-oriented, yet the wide-eyed optimism and yearning and intelligent lyrics remain. This is indie pop for wistful, romantic intellectuals. Heartworms is very gratifying and enjoyable. It’s one of the Shins’ strongest albums and one of the best albums of the year so far.

Depeche Mode – Spirit

On Spirit, the moments where inspiration dips are few, far between and swamped by those where Depeche Mode sound raw and alive and rigidly opposed to merely going through the motions. I did not expect such excellent, different from the previodmus releases such as new Depeche Mode album. It’s nice that the guys before their late fifties are still able to surprise fans and not only. On Spirit, Depeche Mode get serious and political, which doesn’t really suit them. But there is music and message, I’m  so impressed. All I can do now is to find an available concert tickets to see their show beacuse I am sure these songs are going to sound awesome live. I totally understand that hype now. This one is also one of the best albums released this year.

I am 100 percent sure that not only these 3 were music releases worth talking about. Do you know about some? Just let me know in the commnent section! I  finally killed my lazines so lets hope I will see you soon for sure. I guess that is all for this post. Have a nice day!

D. xx


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