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Foods I discovered through the veganism

I said this once and I′m saying it again –  veganism doesn’t mean to delimit yourself! I will tell you about the delicious foods I was never really consuming before I went vegan, but I am constantly eating now, as a vegan. And no, I don′t want anyone of you to force to go vegan.

Quick note: This is just me sharing foods I passionate about in a post. So please, if you are against this way of eating – just leave this page like now! If you′re here to find some inspiration or you′re interested – have fun!

Curry (with basically everything) 

Let′s just make 1 large2thing clear, without eating curried things would I probably never keep eating as a vegan. This Indian spice is my favorite ever. You can put it in every food. I prefer the curried tofu or the coconut curry sauce which you can put on pasta on with some vegetables and serve with the side dish. Or in soups.Curry is life and I believe that not only vegans love it. You can literally use it in an every dish you decide to make.

Chickpea falafel

This Arabian dish is one of my favorite dishes everlarge3. It is made from minced chickpeas with some curry and the other spices. I eat it with a salad all the time, or just as a snack. The fact is, that I am eating chickpea falafel right now. Even my brother, who is also a meat-eater love chickpea falafel. Everyone loves chickpea falafel. And you should try chickpea falafel too!


How unexpected I put this on this list, right? It is better than a Nutella and while talking large4about Nutella I should also mention peanut butter but let it be. Hummus is the best spread (?) made of chickpeas. It is a tasty bomb which also contains a bunch of polysaccharides, protein, and fiber. You can put it on mostly everything you want. I prefer hummus toasts with tomatoes or in a wrap with different kinds of vegetables. They also sell a bunch of kind of hummus. I always buy the one with curry.


Are you a vegan a kinda missing meat? Or just some dishes with meat and are you thinking of them making a vegan large5version? Seitan is the way! It is also called a gluten meat. It is made of wheat and full of protein and things a human body needs. When I was eating it for the first time I was like omg this is proof that we don′t need meat to get enough protein! You can eat in the way you used to eat meat and that it best! You see, eating vegan does not mean not eating the dishes you used to love. You just eat them in a different way.

Chia pudding 

Chia seeds are  popular ingredient. They are considered super food and are full of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. With this provide more energy, more stamina and regulates digestion.   While it is relatively easy to happen to them in your smoothie or sprinkle them a salad, you can also prepare them very simple, tasty and healthy dessert. It is super-easy and all you need is like 3 ingredients.

And that is all for today’s post but definitely not for the list of foods I discovered thought the veganism. It could be endless. Just tell me what are  your favorite vegan dishes and food and whatever. And hopefully, see you soon.

D. xx


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