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Imagine me as a blogger. What would this idea feel like?

As a blogger,you have friends who know about your blog and also friends who don’t. The point of this post was to find out things about yourself,to find out what people think of you and your interests and of course,just to have fun. I asked my friends the question “If I had a blog,what would it be like? What would I write about?” And the answers were hilarious. Here they are. And I’m also sorry for this post being the most random thing but have fun! 

The first person I asked was my blue-haired mad bint. I’m sorry for her bad language but isn’t this just hilarious? 

“A whole  bunch of bullshit. You would be a really bad writer. Don’t start a blog.”

Then I asked my friend who probably knew I had a blog. 

“Food,music and your scottish obsession.”

After that I asked my ex-classmate. I liked this girl the most from my ex-school but she never knew I was a blogger. 

“I think you would write a deep stories about your life, grungy fashion and stuff like these. There would be also some 80’s style articles in general and a few of movie reviews. And of course, veganism and food in general. “

I don’t even know who told me this but it was hilarious.

” Your blog would be something like blog about how to take care of mini schnauzers with tips and advices. And it doesn’t even matter you don’t have a mini schnauzer. Everyone knows you are the future schnauzermama!” 

After this I asked my favorite classmate. 

“You should seriously and definitely write about veganism. And something like expectations vs reality of being an art school student. Also a few of your scottish soul being stuff and some of your thrift hauls.”

I also asked my roommates and they just told me that they are happy I’m not planning to become a youtuber. So I kept asking …

“Write about politics, UFOs, conspiracy theories and all the things the government doesn’t what us to know! Write about all the weird and creepy stuff. You’re the X-Files fan so make your blog a little X-Files thing.” 

The last person I asked was my ex-classmate from my English lessons with my 2/2 favorite scottish people. I knew her for too long and never talked about blogging. She was probably shocked when I told her about it and here is her answer. 

” About veganism, a bunch of vegetables. Nose piercings and the weird shades of lipsticks.” 

That’s it. It was fun doing this. My question for today is – Should I write more about mini schnauzers and conspiracy theories? Of course, no haha. This thing helped to focus on things I should write more about. You can expect more articles about veganism soon! 

This thing is really good if you have no inspiration and ideas. Plus it’s an hilarious experience doing it. (I really want to know how many times I said hilarious in this post haha.) I can really recommend this to you guys! Just tell me what you think. 

And hopefully, see you soon! 



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