Art Studies

Things every art student said at least once

Quick note:  We don’t regret studying art, although this post might make us look like we are. And every one of us is talented. This post is only here just for fun, nothing less or nothing more.

I believed that the is art in everything since I was little. I started to draw really early and taking photos when I was 7. Art always meant much to me.  And maybe that is why I decided to study it. I study photography. This post is here to show people what the life of art students is. But not like literally. It is here just for fun.

And once again – this post is here just for fun.

 “Where is …?

Mostly used for art supplies like pencils, rubbers, and things. As an art student, you have to be constantly looking for these. It might be fun but somewhere in the middle of the year, it starts to be pretty annoying. Another thing about the same topic of what art students say might be Could you lend me a pencil.., please? Yeah, depends on the person´s personality but mostly 90 percent of people won’t give it back to you unless you ask them. Same for teachers. But are you even asking yourself why? Art supplies are really expensive.

“Why am I so untalented?”

If you are an art student just confess right now. Stop lying to yourself, you said that at least once. Didn´t you? No? Stop lying ti yourself. Remember all those still lives with the lamest compositions in the world. And how about all those works of your classmates which were just better than yours. Haha, remember? Of course, you are definitely NOT untalented! Even if this lame situation tell you that it’s true.

Okay, today is just not the right day for creating.  Maybe next time.”

This one is what I am constantly saying when my work is just worse than the others. Actually, I say this all the time I feel like my work is just not that good. Don’t be like me cause you will slowly realize that your art just sucks. And it doesn’t!

“I hate figural drawing.”

Keep saying this with the previous two sentences. Figural drawing is all about drawing humans, human bodies or parts of it. Most of the art students probably hate this subject.

“Photographers don´t draw”

Also mostly used on the figural drawing lessons but yeah, it seems to be the rule but people who study photography are not as good in drawing as the other art students. But that doesn’t mean that all the people who study photography are bad in these things.16464437_1368623066534069_6229212006801473536_n1

“Why are we supposed to study physics at this school?”

And yes, we have physics on art school. What is that good for? Nothing. They just left us struggling with this for no reason.

“ History of the Art Culture should be illegal.”

Are asking yourself what is that? Well, it’s like History, but way even more boring. And it’s compulsory to study this in art school. We all hate History of the Art Culture.

“We are artists, not the sportsmen.

Did it look like there weren’t enough useless subjects for art schools? We also have P.E! And it’s bad.

“What I am even doing in this school?”

Being an art student has its own complications and its way too stressful sometimes. Anyways, we all love it and truly can’t imagine going to a different school, isn’t that true? 16809378_580753158797020_652435710_n

That’s probably all for today! Did you find yourself in these or do you have another example of what did every art student say at least once? Share it with us in the comment section!

And I really hope that if some of my classmates are reading this they won’t kick me for using photos from our lessons here. So guys, have a nice day and see you soon! xx


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