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Already released in 2017.

This post was supposed to be the most anticipated music of 2017 but nevermind, I know what date it is and it would be really weird if this was published this time a year. So here are some reviews of the music that were already released in 2017.

You Me at Six – Night People

27d0d228456965350dd9ee1a3d10b4e3-98 This album was released on the 6th January. The album is great. What more can be said?

The release of the title track showed us that You Me at Six were going in a different direction and maturing in a way that other rock bands will learn from. Their pop-like sounds in Night People create a modern ambiance and shows that they’re not just your “generic rock band”.All personal feelings aside, you can’t NOT love this album if you were a fan since the release of their debut album, “Take Off Your Colours”. They’ve finally achieved that raw alternative sound that so many bands strive for.

The b0b9b266c8a0957f7dd62dcbe572132a-98xx – I See You

This one was released on January the 13t. A dreamy, spacious indie pop record that utilizes The xx’s strong duet vocalists and EDM-inspired production in a way that holds the listener’s attention, even if it may blur together at times. The result is the most eclectic, multidimensional, and ambitious album of The xx’s young career. Jamie xx certainly had a larger influence/presence on this record. What makes The xx and I See You so enthralling, then, may not be a particular combination of lyrics and melodies, but the notion that there’s a secret life playing out here–one we may not be entirely privy to, but one that still rings with the sound of truth in all of its complexities. Probably best listen to from start to end than to pick a few songs here and there though there are certainly many highlights. We are only in January but surely one of the best albums of the year is already out here.

Norma Jean Martine – Only In My Mind

The 25-screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-2-59-00-pmyear-old is an American singer-songwriter based in London who has been around for a while but her name may not sound familiar. She co-wrote Ronan Keating’s title track “Time of My Life” and collaborated with Burt Bacharach and Ashley Roberts. Her rock-pop album “Only in My Mind” emphasizes her strong, husky vocals. Full of energy, it gives you 40 minutes of intense emotion. The track “No Gold” is upbeat with catchy lyrics, focusing on her journey from a small American town to stardom. “Only in My Mind” is the standout single from the album, which reminds you of artists such as Adele and Nina Simone. It kicks off with guitar chords and layered vocals, transitioning into a poppy rhythm. “Only in My Mind” is a song about loving someone but knowing you can’t be with that person. The tambourine, the guitars and Norma’s longing voice will make your body and heart move.

And yeah, that’s it. I know that a bunch of music was already released this year so guys, tell me what is your fave of this year. Mine personally is the album by The xx.

Have a nice day and hopefully see you soon. xx



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