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Wild World

I am terribly aware of the fact that this album was released on September the 9th. And I am aware of the fact that since that a bunch of awesome albums came out as well. But you know,things happened and I am finally here with this review.

So basically Wild World is a Bastille´s second album and most of us were waiting for this for like 2 years. Yeah,in 2014 Dan (the lead singer of Bastille) said that new album might be coming out soon. It did but two years after this. Although there were few songs which came out in 2015 and we thought that they will be on the album. Some of them did,some did not. Wanna read more? Put Wild World on out loud and keep reading!

Good Grief

Good Grief was released on June 16, 2016, and is the first single from Bastille’s 2016 new album. Or,If you prefer,this is the song that started the madness over the upcoming new album. You know this song. It doesnt matter if you are a Bastille fan or not. Everybody knows this song. This song it the song of summer 2016.

Lead singer, Dan Smith teased the song on Twitter prior to release as about being “happy in a sad situation” and “sad in a happy situation.” Following the release of the song, he spoke to NME about its meaning, describing it as “a song about loss, but the ups and downs of it and those moments of euphoria you get.” This “loss” could be interpreted as moving on after a breakup with a partner or living with the death of a loved one.The woman speaking in the intro is actress Kelly LeBrock in the 1985 movie Weird Science.

The Currents

It was premiered live at Snowbombing Festival in Mayrhofen, Austria, on April 7, 2016. This personally one of my favorites in the entire album. “The Currents” is focused on the hurtful, bigoted opinions held by some people and how it can be damaging to be exposed to such shocking points of view. Dan also said: “I mean, we’re not offering a solution, it’s just about that human reaction. That song is about the need to get out and completely escape, to fill your lungs with some fresh air because it can be depressing to hear all that crap, that hateful talk, and lies.″ 

An Act Of Kindness

An Act Of Kindness is the 3rd track from Wild World. The song was revealed during the real life “treasure-hunt”, #WildWorldReveal, where all of the names of Wild World tracks were hidden on snapchat geo-filters, differently located across the globe. Dan said about this song that this one is the positive one. ″It is about how people can do amazing things in sad situations. But it’s still dark. That’s just the juxtaposition of our music.”  This song also one of my favorites from this album. It has those calmy tones of Dan’s  voice and electric,calmy and indie vibes with the awesome lyrics and a great idea.

“An Act of Kindness” is about a kind of Good Samaritan narrative in the context of everything that’s happening at the moment in the world and being in a sea where everyone keeps their heads down, so in their life, just one small act of kindness can completely transform a day, or a situation, or a week, and can follow you all the time and that you can feel kind of worthy or unworthy of that. – Said Dan about the song.


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