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What does veganism feel like?

Quick note: I don’t want to force anybody to go vegan,or this is not a post which should serve as an instrument of hatred of meat-eaters or anyone. This is just my experience.

It has been  3 months since I decided to challenge myself and become of the things I always wanted to be – a vegan. I expected this as something hard,even maybe not possible but in fact I was a vegetarian and never really a milk-drinker. People choose to be vegan for health, environmental, and/or ethical reasons. More and more people are still becoming a vegan. Since I came to my actual school there were two vegans,now there´s five. Veganism is becoming a huge trend all around this planet. After my more than a month long of being a vegan, I am going to tell my personal experiences and my view of what does being a vegan means to me and it really feels.

Self-denial and attempts of not eating some of your favorite meals may be kinda difficult.

If you are a meat-eater,the first thing to do is that you have to become a vegetarian. Then try to replace milk,eggs and other animal products. You don’t have to be sorry for replacing some of the ingredients but there are some ingredients you might be missing. And it might be kinda hard for someone.For example,there are many of way how to replace egg as an ingredient in a process of making a cake,but there is no another way to make some meals where the egg was the main ingredient. You simply have to give up some meals but for a good thing. I had a problem with this,obviously. I just couldn’t give up cheeses,but also there are vegan cheeses Don’t lose your hopes!

You have to engage your creativity.

The biggest myth is that vegans eat only vegetables – crap.You can eat almost everything but you have to engage your creativity. That is the main thing you have to realize is that you can eat many things and meals but you need to be creative. Or you can also eat spinach spaghetti 24/7 as I did when I started. Don’t do it. Search for some inspiration on the internet and it will get a lot easier! Being a vegan does not mean to delimit yourself.

There are also some problems.

Vegan food is expensive but lets’s just make this clean – all of the food is expensive. There also complications of buying it. Not all of the food which is suitable for vegans is actually truly vegan. Beware of E120 actually carminic acid made of little bugs and it’s mostly used as a red dye. Actually, E542,E904, and many others are animal origin as well. Then when you realize what you eat (or were eating before.) Eating out becomes a problem. Yes,there are restaurants which offer vegan dishes but there also aren’t. You know what I mean – it’s hard to find them. Don’t worry – there is always a chance to eat a salad.Another problem is – cosmetics. Yet in 2016 there are brands which are doing tests on animals. Also, some brands don’t do test but arent completely veggie. And there are also brands which are veggie if we think of constitution but here are still doing tests on animals. It’s confusing and you never know so it’s better to check it out before buying.

You start to realizing things.

When you are obligated to read all of the constitutions of all the food you start realizing things. You realize how people are wasting this planet for the selfish reasons. You also realize so many things which are connected to everything. Everything is connected to everything. Then you realize that you are actually helping the environment and it makes you feel like a better person.

Biggest problem? Idiots.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are doing people will judge you anyway. There are also people who won’t understand why decided to eat veggie or the people who will constantly ask you the stupid questions like someone once asked me if the apple I am eating is still vegan there is a worm inside of it. They will ask you about what you are actually eating and if you are not missing the meat. After all, they tell you that they could not be a vegan. Prepare yourself for that. You wíll also find people who will understand and support you in what you are doing. But remember,there is always someone who just has to complain about your life even if it’s not their business. Don’t stop doing what you are doing cause you are doing a right thing!  tumblr_oeq2hnwiv81ud0jxeo1_1280

I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it and see you hopefully soon.

D. xx


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