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Introducing the city

It’s been nearly three months since I started high school which also meant,moving to another city. And yeah,I am still coming home on Fridays and then coming back on Sundays but anyways,this process has changed the way I live now. I also realized that I didn’t tell you about things which happened and are happening,also yeah there is still my social media so you might know what is going on… whatever. I wrote a post about that earlier last month but it was just miserable so that is why I decided to write this one. Plus,I want to tell you important things about the city where I’m staying so you would know more.tumblr_mkogtfr5nm1rngnl3o1_500


There is a line in the lyrics of The 1975 which says If you want to find the love then you know the city is. And yes,I did find a love in the city – the city itself. It doesn’t really matter how often I visited it before,something was telling me that I can’t be just a visitor of the city, it always felt like home,like something you want to spend a part of your life in,to me. I was always dreaming of living on my own. To do things which I wanted to do,not the things others wanted me to do. And also I’ve always been always taught by myself that life is not intended to be spent in one place. When primary school ended it felt like a different  chapter of my life,so I decided to move on.

Where am I staying? In Nitra. And you are probably asking yourself where that is,haha. Well,Nitra is a small city in western Slovakia, situated at the foot of Zobor Mountain in the valley of the river Nitra with a population of 80 thousand. It is the fifth largest city in Slovakia. Nitra is also one of the oldest cities in Slovakia,that is why the center of culture is meant to be here (and of course in Bratislava,the capital city of Slovakia and definitely more other cities.) There are plenty of galleries,theaters, and museums,coffees,interesting things to see and lonely places to fall in love with.

tumblr_mt6j0qwdz91srxdb2o1_500How did this city change my life? At first,new school. That is pretty obvious and I don’t think I should explain this. People I met changed,and are still changing my points of view of many things but I am still learning,I am still discovering. I have finally gone vegan. I study things I love so I have finally time to work on it. I finally believe in something. And even there are those dark days I feel like my life is just going on well.

Oh,and my music discoveries are just awesome but I will talk about that with you in another post. I have so many things to work on. I promised myself to start blogging properly and often. I am really obsessed with the idea of being a successful blogger. So seriously hope to see you really soon.

Have a nice day,bye.



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