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Monthly Playlist: Tunes for August


I didn′t want to publish this right after mentioning I might be making these posts in the future but anyway,you asked for this and I have so many things to talk about here and it´s not only music. Just keep reading if you want to know more.

This month has start suicide-squad-score-soundtrack-steven-priced with Suicide Squad. Everyone was going to see that in cinemas and dressing like Harley/Joker. So I thought: Okay,I should see this too. Asuicide-squad-score-soundtrack-steven-pricend I really did. It was the girls night out which ended watching series of Daria and The X-Files,obviously. I was always a fan of Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars was always a band I was considering as one of my favorite bands. But my verdict after seeing it all was ..I don′t know. I am still not impressed. And I don′t think it’s just because I am a Marvel fan. Anyway,Heathens by 21 Pilots its the perfect soundtrack.What do you think about Suicide Squad?

Then I just traveled. I spent more than two weeks on the road or walking thru the cities and discovering things. Although I was discovering things – music ain′t one of the things I was discovering these days. All I was listening to those days was the album called Tell Me I’m Pretty by Cage The Elephant.

When I arrived home my latest discovery was Biffy Clyro which my friend Bethany told me about. And yeah,I didn′t know Biffy Clyro before which is just sad. But my time has finally come and yup,I was pretty obsessed and I think this obsession will continue soon. And with Biffy, I discovered White Lies. I am still discovering them so yeah,this is still in progress.My discovery of the month is including Biffy and White Lies is the band Glass Animals which I found because of vinyl subscription service called Vinyl Me,Please. And this band is hardly experimental pop-rock band. I want to write the separate post about this band and things they released,so stay tuned and yeah,I am really hoping for posting this really soon. I just don′t want to spoil it all,haha.cmmlxxaweaaanoy

And the last thing on my playlist this month is obviously Bastille again. Their new album is coming in nine days and they released the new song today and its just brilliant. How exciting is that if you are a Bastille fan? Trust me,this is really exciting. I was waiting for this album literally for two years. But let’s move to the actual point of what I wanted to say. Last 3 days I am listening t
o Bastille only and just preparing myself for the new album. Nothing interesting at all.

So that is what I was mostly listening to this past month. If you wanna you can listen to the playlist of the most important music pieces I was listening to – I will put the link down below. It’s the 45 minutes long selection of the most important music but it´s not everything I was listening to for sure. I just don′t want to make a 3 hours long thing,haha. So,what do you think of this kind of blog posts? Do you have any thoughts to whatever I mentioned here? Let me know.

And that is all. Thank you for reading and see you soon,hopefully. 🙂

D. xx

Tunes for August Playlist





7 thoughts on “Monthly Playlist: Tunes for August

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    • Honestly,my expectations were bigger but it is one of the best album which came out this year anyway haha. I’m plannig a separete post about this as well. 🙂

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      • Oh that’s good! Can’t wIt to check it out 🙂
        I honestly didn’t know what to expect because the tracks they had released so far from the second album were very contrasting, in my opinion, to the first album and resembled more the EP. Yet, since the first day up until now I’ve been listening to it nonstop 😁☺


      • Definitely! I was expecting myself to listen to that constantly 24/7 but.that didnt happend. Well,I wont spoil the things i want to say in that review/album talking post haha.

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