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Tea Break: Life Update


Every youtuber or even blogger does this kind of stuff. I was doing this really often on my previous blog. The main saying for this was – just to write things on your mind and maybe someone can be interested in that. Its just about writing things I want to talk about with you but I would probably never make a post about it and so that is why I just mix it together and write this. So make a tea,today´s tea break is going to be interesting,maybe.


I was actually thinking about things that happened in my life as a result of being really sad and then someone told me to somehow over it and get excited about upcoming things. I am really looking forward to the new album by Bastille and some other things..nope,I think that’s all.

You know,school is starting in 2 weeks and I am super nervous and super excited about that. I am going to new school,far from home to bigger city which might sound as an adventure. I was always taught by myself that life is not supposed to be in just one place and although I have mixed feeling for this I promised myself to never go hungry again which really means to me to never do something I will regret and just move thru things for my own better. Discovering new things,meeting new people and just learning about things I never heard of before – that’s what is going to happen,but on my own. How exciting is this?

The thing I discovered about myself while spending hours on the road is that traveling helps my mental health. Since I arrived from Prague I am so positive about things and I trying to stay this positive which also helps me stay happy. I really miss the places I have been to,but I also hope for coming back there.

No,Bastille′s new album ain′t the only thing I am looking forward. I have known some of my future classmates and they are all amazing. Our class is going to be one big fan club of the Vaccines because they all like them and sharing the same room with two of them might be the great fun. We are also planning our menu for several days so this looks like challenging time for improving my cooking skills. Less than two weeks to go and I am nervous but also really excited.


I have some articles to post before my blog turns pre-autumn as everything in my room. I am working on that. But the thing I don′t have perfectly clear is – what about the music posts? I can′t do it the way I used to – just to mention it all in the favorites post because obviously I have my favorites for the month and then the discoveries(?). I was thinking of making a monthly playlist on Spotify and then talk about everything on it. Just let me know if to do this or no. And the same about my vinyl collection. Do you want to a vinyl collection thing post or something like that? Let me know.

I am also really impressed by the new theme of my blog. What do think about that?

Also when the summer ends I am moving to another place and I have no idea if there will be an internet connection or I will even have time for blogging. So there is a chance of posting less but I will definitely let you all know about this on my social media and probably I make one day in a week a post day so I will blog and post on that day.

Honestly, I thought this would be a longer post but I have already said what′s the most important for me and that’s it. You can follow me on my Instagram to see some pics of random things including the buildings,sunsets etc.

Then you can follow my twitter to get in touched with me,really,twitter is the best place to meet me.Or you can also follow my bloglovin account which I have no idea how to use,haha.

So that’s my today post,thank you for reading and hopefully see ya soon. 🙂

D. xx

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47 thoughts on “Tea Break: Life Update

    • I completely understand and feel you. And yeah,its awesome and poeple seem to like these posts and I like making them because you just sit in front of computer and write whats on your mind so you dont have to prepare content or to take photos specially for the post. Its quick but effective! Thank you for commenting. 🙂


  1. I agree with you about not staying in one place. I moved to the US all the way from Holland and I love it! BTW. Prague is beautiful. I’ve traveled all over, but that city stole my heart. The castles and scenery are like magic. Thanks for this post. Love it!


    • This sounds like goals to me! I am moving only 60 kilometres from where I am now and I also hope for coming back home on weekends,haha.
      And yes! Prague is the city you go in,fall in love it and leave without discovering everything and it doesn’t really matter how long have you been there. I love that city so much!
      Thank you so much!:)


  2. Every time someone says it’s time for school, I end up feeling butterflies in the stomach. So I totally relate to this . And what a way to have a conversation with yourself and your audience. All the best for everything that you have in mind 🙂


    • I already love 2 tracks from the album they released and if you are a bastille fan you probably heard them.
      Yeah,this all school thing is gonna a big challenge but i am gonna be studying things i already love and this is it! Thank you 🙂


  3. Some words of encouragement for you:) Live in the NOW moment. Every single second is precious. And we don’t know how much we have of those seconds. Enjoy your school, look forward to waking up each day. Because before you know all that will be over. Don’t wait to enjoy and celebrate life after youve accomplished a goal or dream. Live in the NOW moment. 🙂 Beautiful blog BTW. I really like the clean feel

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like the new theme, bold and punchy. I have bloggged (privately) since 2004 and I find it great for just letting things out and de-stressing.


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