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It is summer,which means – ADVENTURE TIME. Today I am going to tell you about adventures I have done and experienced these past days. If you are asking yourself where there the hell Liguria is? Then I can proudly tell you that it is the small region on the west coast of Italy. This does not need unnecessary words to the start. Let’s get started.

1st Day – The traveling day
What can I say about this? This was just a boring day full of traveling and trying to fall asleep,drinking coffee and then trying to fall asleep as well. It has all started with packing. Yeah,packing,what a boring thing. But I am the only person who has these packing imag15561dilemmas like “what lipstick or shoes should I take?” or not? Well,it was getting really bad and long but I don’t want to talk about how I packed. The skies that day was beautiful,but it did not change anything on how boring all the way was. It got even worse when the sun has gone down. I was hungry,bored,sleepless and my phone´s battery died. I hate long bus trips.

Day 2nd a.k.a the day when focaccia saved the world (and became and obsession)
At nearly 7 in the morning, we arrived at La Spezia when we stopped at the port,took some pictures of the rising sun and just walked thru the city to the train station to national park Cinque Terre,which means five lands. We stopped on each land,walked throu
gh it,stopped for coffee,food or whatever and then went for a train to another land. I did not visit all 5 lands,but I have been to Riomaggiore – where I ate focaccia for the first time. Manarola – wtumblr_n90xld4xai1s7s2vco1_1280here I fell in love with the colorful houses built on the rocks. Corniglia – where I bought another focaccia and my br
other was looking for a selfie stick. And Monterosso when I found out that sea is my friend. I was not in Vernazza but in fact,it was all the same there. After all, we went to our hotel where they accidently sent home the cook and we were supposed to come the city center and buy food there. I had the original Italian pizza,but honestly,there is nothing like focaccia.

Day 3rd a.k.a the day when we realized finding Dori was real
This day has started normally,kinda the same as every day I spent in Italy. I had a croissant with crappy coffee from our hotel. Coffee there was really bad. After breakfast, we went to Portofino,the city with another port and beautiful panoramas. (And many shops where they sell focaccias,haha.) After some time in there, we moved to Genova – Another beautiful city,one of the biggest of Italy and mostly known as a birth place of Cristopher Columbus. I have seen all the important things to see in the center,missed the Alfons Mucha´s exhibition but I am okay. It is kinda sad to see how they exhibit some fine art from Czech artist in Italy and people go and pay to see it and that people in where I live mostly don’t know about him. After all, there was a shopping time and guess what I have bought – aye,vinyl record, and newtumblr_n90xld4xai1s7s2vco1_12801 lipstick. I love life. When I was ready to see things again I went to the big aquarium which you probably heard about if you ever went to Italy. Tickets to see that were really expensive. It was great to see,but if you watch Finding Dori you see the same things. Then I went for focaccia and back to Aqui Terme where my hotel was. It was Friday night so we went to the center to have some fun.

Days 4th and 5th
You know,the same crappy coffee for breakfast,croissant
and sadness connected to packing because this was the last day of our trip. This day was all spent in Sanremo – The city of many faces,with many districts. We went to see the famous Casino and gardens and after all this long time spent walking, we went to a beach and shopping. Monterosso beach was definitely better. And then,the sad moment of leaving the country you fell in love with was here. It was so heartbreaking. But the way back was with friends I met,so it was better. It’s always better with friends. And I am so happy for this trip. It means everything to me and I will definitely come back one day.

So that’s it. At the end of the post, I want to say thank you to my friends Camilla,which always gave me advice where to go and what food to try and my another friend Emilly which helped me to survive the long and boring trip which happened on the first day. And of course,thank you all – my lovely readers and supporters. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.

Thank you for reading,bye. 🙂

D. xx


4 thoughts on “Liguria

  1. I am so surprised to hear that the coffee was crappy. Isn’t Italy known for having awesome coffee? Hmmmm… I like how you keep it real as you write and you speak your mind. Look forward to reading about more of your travels.


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