July’s favorites


Summer is nearly over and it doesn’t even start,but hold on and stay strong – autumn is coming soon. In my last let’s say music favorites post I promised you to make the classic faves post. So here it is.

My first favorite for this month is a lipstick or better said chubby stick which ain’t that chubbessence2bvelvet2bstick2bmatte2blip2bcolour2b022bpeony2bstar2b2528125291y by Essence. It was for like two euros,so it was really cheap and I bought it in Krems. It’s the classic pinky nude color and it has a pretty good stay. Mine is in the shade 02,peony star.

Another favorite is lipstick by Essence aswell. But this is a lipstick,like the actual lipstick. I like lipsticks by Essence so much for it is so cheap and really pretty with good pigmentation and kinda good. Probably I should write a post about Essence lip products. This one is in shade 12 – blush my lips. It it really pretty dark pink. And If you saw me wearing a dark pink lipstick this month it was probably this one.img_36001

Now let’s move to TV shows. My favorite TV show this month was a tv series called Crisis. I will not
spoil it for you but it is about the class full of kids which have rich parents and they go to the school trip and someone kidnaps them and then those people blackmail parents of those kids and if parents will not do what tcrisis-2014-tv-wallpaperhey say,their kid will die. It is really interesting and Gillian Anderson which you know I love so many plays in this show. It has only one season of 13 episodes and I am waiting for another one as well. If you do not like the classic criminal series then just do not watch Crisis.

Time to talk about music! (Obviously again) I was recently listening to Mogwai and Elvis Depressedly this most month a lot but my definitely favorite band I was listening is Bedroom and I know you are asking yourself who the hell are Bedroom? And my answer for this is that Bedroom is ..let’s say indie band formed as a solo project in Nashville by Noah Kittinger. Entire music by Bedroom is more like dreamy guitar solos and low-key sad lyrics and it’s beautiful. You should definitely check them out and listen to their music.

That’s all. I honestly thought I had more favorites for July,but I was mistaken again,haha. At the other hand,I spent most of the time watching the series in my pyjamas. But before I will end up this post I need to mention an awesome thing my friend Maya does. She turns photos into a puzzle. You can choose from many photos or you can turn your photo into a puzzle. It is really cool as an idea for a gift to a friend or family members. I will link it down below and if you are interested in checking it out as well.

Now it is definitely the end of the post. Let me know if you want me to make a post about Essence lip products and have a nice day.

Thanks for reading.

D. xx

BEDROOM official web page

Maya´s puzzle web page





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