Decades Collab: 90s kinderwhore

I was really excited for this because this is really a thing. I and my friend Alexandra have created idea of this entire thing and it was just great fun,not really but yeah,I need to say something completely out of way to start this post,haha. The message of this collab is to pretend is the decade every blogger choosen and make a look inspired by this decade. Or that is just how I perceived it. My decade is the 90s and you already knew this,yeah.At first,I thought we were all supposed to make something like I did but this is completely different and that is what makes this entire thing really interesting.

Kinderwhore was things connected to riot grrrl because women which were important in Riot Grrrl movement wore kinderwhore style. Although this post is inspired by Courtney Love,she and her band refused to be part of Riot Grrrl movement. I will link here my Some thoughts on Riot Grrrl post so check it out if you want to more about Riot Grrrl movement.

Riot Grrrls presented themselves innocent, rather than spoiled dolls. Innocent dresses,dark make-up,red lips and cute accessories to hair. DSC_0064So lets move to what I have created.

First I need to say I wanted to make a classic Courtney Love inspired thing with classic black peter pan collar dress and red lipstick but then I realised my peter collar dress are laundry,lol.

The first photo of mine here I posted just because I wanted to show you what my makeup looked like. It was just really dark and simple.

Lets move to my outfit. I couldnt find my peter pan collar dress so I wore white lace dress from Second Hand and white babydoll shoes which I have no idea where I have from.

 Anyway – This is what the whole thing looked like:




All I used:
Lipstick:Rimmel London,117
Eyes: Maybelline Nude Palette,Rocket Volume Express Mascara (by Maybelline as well)
Eyebrows: Benefit Gimme Brows,01
Dress: Second Hand
Shoes: ???

Thats it. Dont forget to check collab posts by other girls who joined. What do you think about this?

Thanks for reading and bye. 🙂

D. xx

Alexandra’s Roaring 20s

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