Krems and Dürnstein

Last Saturday I and family went to a trip to Austria. It was a fun day,not really but my latest post about traveling was kinda popular so I thought this would be fun to make (and for you to read as well.)

It has all started at 4.30 am when I woke and you know,obviously did my morning routine without coffee and breakfast. We traveled for like 3,or maybe more hours. I was listening to the Arctic Monkeys like all the time while traveling and drinking coffee.

The first unofficial stop was petrol station,but that’s obvious I am not gonna talk about how I bought another coffee there and found out my german skills are pretty poor,but the official first stop was a little village named Dürnstein situated at the confluence of river Dunabe and known mainly for growing apricots and grape with population of 2000. We just walked thru the village,stopped in one of not many coffeés,had another coffee and walked away. The whole village was like one main street and houses around the street and waterside of Dunabe.


Then we went to Krems,city with the population of 22 thousand people. I need to say this city was beautiful but really weird. There was a main street with famous shops such as Mariounnaud (sth like Sephora),Reserved or many other shops and even more second hands with furniture. The main street was literally so crowded and it was hard to even walk thru it,but the other streets were empty like 0 people were on them. And that was weird because it was a city with the population of 22 thousand. The another big issue in this city was that eating there was kinda hard. At first,it was hard to find a restaurant with a free space. Another big issue was ordering the meal if you do not speak german. And you know I don’t. After very long looking we have found a restaurant but the problem with it was that you just had to pick a tray and go and order you food because they did not have menus. And I wonder how my mother order chicken with french fries when she neither speaks german or English. Another issue was the food itself. I was good. I don’t have to complain about that but if you are a vegan it is impossible to eat there. If you are vegetarian it is possible but still hard. So I ended eating greek salad again,haha.

But I do not want this post to be the review of the eating system which is kinda out the way but nevermind,I don’t want to complain about it.

After all, we went to the main street again and I found there a goddamn awesome store,which I could compare to British Poundland or shops based on similar ideas. And I spent all my vinyl money in there on paints and CDs. Another thing about this town is that it does not have a record store.


And the main reason we came here was Marillenfest or ApricotFestival. I was expecting market stalls with apricots where they sell apricots and articles thereof. It was there but only on the main street and it was hard to buy something there. And then I went to Billa and killed all my pocket money with buying some vegan food.

At 6 pm I think we went home and that was probably the best part because it was a trip with a travel agency, cuz my mother adores these bus trips and during the trip home I met a lot of cool people.

Final words: Trip itself was awesome,Krems was a bit disappointing and I guess it would be better if we stayed in Dürnstein where it was calm and not so crowded. But yeah,it was a cool trip.

That´s it. Hope you like it and see ya nex time. 🙂

D. xx

All the photos from the photoshoot are here.


12 thoughts on “Krems and Dürnstein

  1. I feel you. Crowder is not my thing. I don’t like it. In fact, I would have stayed away and rather sit down some place where it is quiet than to mixed it up. One thing that probably made your trip tolerable was meeting new people on the trip itself. It never occurred to me until I read your post that yeah, on tours, you meet new people and some of them could end up becoming real good friends.


  2. You took some nice shots. I like the narrow pathways like the one there heading downwards, it resembles closeness with people but that’s just me. I guess Krems never bothered to go marketing for their own place but maybe it’s still worth a visit. I would probably spend my money on the same thing as you but with more sauce and wine, haha.


  3. I’ve been to Austria 2 times. To Vienna, when I was 16 and to Gerlos (in the summer) 3 years ago. I love the mountains and making walks. I love the pictures you took. It’s a pity th town didn’t have a record store. I always look for stores like that.


    • Ayee finally someone who understands! I know that they are at least two record stores in Vienna. I have never been to Gerlos before. And thank you. 🙂


  4. Beautiful photo’s of the city. It looks very cosy and cute. I don’t like big crowds either. Festivals are always fun and a good reason to go.

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  5. Been wanting to go to Austria for years now. But still working on my German. haha That’s what I tell our kids, too. That they need to learn to speak a bit before we push through with that trip.


    • I agree with you. I had german in basic school but my german is really miserable. School is just not good place to learn language if you want to use it in practice. But if you are going to Vienna there is no problem to speak english cause at least 50 percent of people there are tourists.


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