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Some thoughts on Riot Grrrl

This post is a remake of a post from my previous blog too,but I think this is so important thats why I am remaking it.

What the Riot Grrrl really is?
The easiest answer to this is that Riot Grrrl the feminist movement,which presented punk rock and the grunge music. It has all started at the turn of the 80s and 90s in Washington,especially in the Olympia. It is usually associated with the third wave of feminism. Shows music genre as inspiration for women who may be present in hard music as tumblr_mhh5vruk4d1qd6skjo1_500-7900-2239well as men . Riot Grrrls presented themselves innocent , rather than spoiled dolls , their kinderwhore style. Innocent dresses,dark make-up,red lip, and cute accessories to hair. Members of the riot grrrl were not only women. For example, Nirvana sympathized with the ideas of this movement. Riot Grrrls deal with issues such as rape, racism, domestic violence, sexuality, and especially love to your body. Basically, it started with Zines. Zines are DIY magazines, which is devoted to these topics . They are also known for promoting women in music and political action and activism.

Some female bands were among the feminists, the following issues meet,but simply they ignored and therefore Riot Grrrl bands fall. For example, Hole, led by Courtney Love and Babes5f871cc2f3cc2bf8a35073788740dcb2 in Toyland, led by Lori Barbero. Members of some bands are interconnected. Big name in Riot Grrrl is Kathleen Hanna. Along with Tobi Vail, they are considered the founder of the whole movement and creator of this whole idea. Both ladies have already mention members of the group Bikini Kill. Kathleen was the lead singer and drummer Tobi. This band was together with the band Bratmobile considered the largest in Riot Grrrl. And no wonder, look at their lyrics, their music style, appearance, music, everything. In total, about this band discography written three best-known is called Revolution Girl Style Now! and it was released in 1991. The band has released three albums and also to Revolution Girl Style Now! with the same name as their first and most famous discography, released in the same year as the album Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (1993) and Pussybikini-kill Whipped (released also in 1993). But that’s not all, they also have two EPs called Bikini Kill and The Singles. The band broke up in 1997, but Kathleen had joined the band Le Tigre.

Otherwise, when I have already mentioned these two ladies it would be probably a shame not to mention that just Tobi was an inspiration for Kurt to write the famous hit Smells Like Teen Spirit .

The main or most used catchwords of the Riot Grrrl were Grow Pair,No Shame, Riots not Diets,which is the only proof that this movement was not based solely on a promotion of women in music, but women in general. Riot grrrls supported th71a92238795b6d060d19baf3e7be4026e idea of body positivity what is often forgotten. The whole era gradually disappeared with the collapse Bikini Kill but although riot grrrl no longer works as a movement still exists and many girls and women consider themselves as a riot grrrls.

If you want to know more about riot grrrl than I could ever say just go and watch documentary Dont need you: the history of riot grrrl. I will link it down bellow.

What are your thoughts on riot grrrl? Are you a riot grrrl? Lets just start a big discussion about riot grrrl down bellow in comments.

Thanks for reading and see ya soon. 🙂

D. xx

DONT NEED YOU: the herstory of riot grrrl


3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Riot Grrrl

  1. Hi Denisa,
    I love this post! I consider myself a feminist and I know some of the bands you’ve mentioned, but I definitely need to learn more about the Riot Grrrl movement. Thanks for the link to the movie and for the informative post.


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