let England shake

Quick note: This is just a remake of one of posts from my previous blog and it happened in April 2016. So lets pretend its april again.

We are part of something big . Something even bigger than ourselves and compared to the size of the whole of our problems and sufferings are nothing substantial. Therefore,there is no need to bother with what we have done or not done at that moment,probably because it was right . We have no reason to be sad. We are part of something so wonderful that it not worth just one minute of misery . – Well,at least that I have learned in recent days. I saw wonderful things,meet some awesome  people and experienced something I believe that I will remember for a long time. This is quite a long story,so make your tea and lets get started.

Day first
It all started unusually too boring – travelling by bus which contained little sleep and a lots of boring moments. For that day I managed to go through the whole pop culture – from Elvis to Arctic Monkeys, which was quite fun but still dull.In the evening,we watched few films,which would not be bad, but some idiot behind dsc_0191me spoiled everything to me. And I rather wont mention that in that day I drank more coffee than should a normal human being ever drink. Lets wonder why then I slept maybe less than three hours then.

Day second 
I can officially say that this is the day when things worthy of mention started to happen. At about five in the morning, we successfully managed to control the border and about 4 o’clock we arrived in Oxford. We went through the city,the university,overlooked the cathedral and finally ended up in McDonalds and shopping.

After we bought a lot of things for a lot of money that are not that important, we went to Oxford Museum where  was the exhibition of things from ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt to modern art. dsc_0405Separate exhibition there was also Andy Warhol, the man who I incredibly admire like anyone but for some unknown reasons,I did not see that part. Nevertheless, in the district of modern art they had a couple of pictures of the last great artists from last century such as Matisse, Picasso, Manet and Van Gogh.

In the  afternoon we had taken to our host families. We lived in a small district called Oxford and Abingdon. Me and my roommate,hit hard certain Aunt Jayne, which food the first day was not very tasty and interest in a bland for conversation with us was also not very big.

 Day third
I was looking forward this day the most cause of one point on the program that was a picnic in the Oxford Park,but despite poor weather forecasts none of this held. The program of the day was not bad. We visited Winsdor lock beloved British Queen,who at the time of our visit to the castle and was with great pride I can say that I saw her. About 50 metres distance,but I saw her.

After a tour of the castle followed by lunch break, or better call this an hour after the lunch shopping center? A section that followed, although even then was not planned but it was a cool thing. We moved to the small town just a few kilometers away,known mainly because of the festival, which was known mainly in the 90s,but has so far held -Reading! And especially because this festival is this city so influenced with musictumblr_mwvimwjagx1t3jokdo1_1280. On every corner there were music shops w/ vinyl or CDs, music cafes and nightclubs. Particularly interesting was the one in which every day of the week held a concert tribute to a band. Reading our whole visit was not about shopping. The greatest success in our country should mainly Poundland – and yes, it is possible to leave the store, where they have everything for a pound of twenty or so.

It is also worth mention stories from Russian bistro, which I do not know how exactly happened, so I will not disclose. In the evening we went into one super drink bar,on the style of Hard Rock Cafe, but this was better, with a more original decoration. And then we were taken back to Abingdon for our family.

Day forth
The fourth day of our trip was pretty much running around the monuments. In the morning we started the day number 4 in the castle of Warwick, where we spent all morning. To some, it did not seem possible, but when I talked about that evening with a roommate, I dsc_0790realized that we had not enough time and we went only through about three quarter. It was so interesting! Just a shame we missed the tour of the castle with full interpretation. We were, however, right inside the castle, it was wonderful there.

After Warwick followed Stratford. The place where he was born and died William Shakespere. Visit of Stradsc_0638tford was a bit disappointing for me. Although I saw the places (and they were lovely) but I expected more from it.

Anyway,after a short pause for coffee we moved to the cathedral, which is directly Shakespere buried. Too bad that when someone wanted to see thisdsc_0805 place in the cathedral had to pay admission. After leaving the Cathedral, we have not visited in the house Ann Hathway and followed the same thing every night, but the difference was that this was the last night.

Day Fifth
Last day in England,oh. Moreover,in London. In the morning our journey went on Baker Street to Sherlock, and after that to the museum of  Madame Tussauds wax statues. Over the two years there has almost nothing changed except for a few new pieces and 1D no longer have their own room but Star Wars have their own exposures whi12998725_1180536101964995_2819825817897167026_nch, by the way, I did not what has my heart broken.

After this tour, followed by a walk through the rainy London to track for sights such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square. Not lack journey by subway, subway problems and other typical London conveniences. On the way we stopped at Pizza Hut,where they make the best pizza under the sun. Or rather cloudy London skies?

At the end of the day there lacked spectacular end, which was a boat trip on thDSC_0521e Thames straight to the O2 arena, where my heart  has broken again. Muse had concert there and obviously was not there. But what would a life be if we do not have amazing friends? I do not know if it was the original intention to improve my mood, but my friend bought the Starbuks frappé for me and my life had meaning again. And it actually was the last thing that has become in UK in this story time.

Day Sixth
There is nothing inresting to say about this day. It was the same as Day 1st, but with the difference that now we were traveling home full of experiences, not to the place where the experiences happened. We spent most of the day by sleeping or watching movies which someone spoiled again and joking,cause why not. At nine o’clock in the evening we arrived home. And here the story ends,but memories of him remain.

All the photos I took on the trip are here.

Thanks for reading,have a nice day. 🙂

D. xx



16 thoughts on “let England shake

  1. A very detailed post about your time in England. I like to read posts on places that I have been in order to see what I missed out on and what I might be able to see or places I can visit on my next trip there. Especially if it is a place I can easily go back to.


    • Definitely! Or when you are just in the museum or gallery and pick up a map or something like that with you and the you come hore and read you are like “oh well,i wasnt here,damn” and then you regret it XD
      Thank you,I am definitely planning to make more posts like this one.


  2. Denisa,

    I understand this was an old post from April and so much has occured in the following months leading to today.

    I suppose the trip you took was not exactly mind blowing except you did see the queen. I can only hope that you would look back at the trip with an even better appreciation than when you were there.


  3. Amazing post about England. I really would love to travel back to England, especially London! I have not even seen the Thames, imagine! My favorite spot is Victoria secret there!


    • Honestly, think London is good for museums and galleries,but not the shopping. Its really expensive city,but its one of the biggest cities in the world so its no suprise. 🙂


    • I just dont know,I have been there for two times and I cant say London is one of the best cities I ever visited,yeah its beautiful but I prefer other british cities. 🙂


  4. It is so nice to read what you have done when you were in England. I was expecting for something because of the title but I am just so being literal after I read your entire post. lol but nonetheless, you got a good share here despite of all the disappointments you have for some places.


    • Thanks a lot! 🙂
      I choosed this title because of PJ Harvey’s album called “Let England Shake” like this post. I was listening this all the time when I was there and its connected with so many memories from that trip.


  5. I like visiting new places with local friends as tour guides instead of the professional ones. That way, I can tell them if I want to linger or spend more time exploring a place we are visiting. I don’t like being hurried during trips. It becomes stressful instead of relaxing. I want ample time to have my photos taken and to enjoy local food.


  6. Unfortunately , I have not made it to England , or better said to the UK , yet. I do have many friends in the country and I want definitely fly over and visit a few throughout the country.London is a MUST DO on my list of destinations to visit , such a beautiful vibrant city if it only came with better weather.


    • London is always the MUST place if you are in UK,but I am 100 percent recommending you Oxford and Brighton. These two are both awesome.


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