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June and July’s most played music

I really promise the next post won’t be about music.

At first I wanted to make this post like the classic faves post,but in fact,spent all my money on vinyl records (obviously) and I didn’t buy any other specific things to consider as new favorites. In short,I just do not have favorites for these past months. But it is completely different if we talk about music. These past months were full new discoveries and it doesn’t matter if they are new releases or the old classics.


I have no idea how and where to start but I will take a chance show off what all my money went for. And obviously,if you follow me on twitter or other social media you already knew that but I will say it once again because it just makes me SO HAPPY and it was an awesome way to start a vinyl collection. Yeah,its Wave by Patti Smith. I love the way how personal this album is and the vibes it gives it to me. I love songs Citizen Ship,Seven Ways of going, obviously the Dancing Barefoot and Wave which is more like instrumental speech which makes that album even more personal. But if you listen that on your iPod,phone or whatever those vibes just go away,so listen to it on vinyl. I know that no one but me will really listen to it on vinyl,but everything sounds better on vinyl,haha.

I think I can mention these 3 together. They have the same sad indie vibes,but f621e67fdb560a8ba87fe9be8e833edddifferent story to tell. I need them on vinyl as well,lol. I was listening to them at the at the end of the May when I took the Smiths lyrics too literally and end up questioning myself stupid stuff and sense of my own existence,I am not gonna talk about that. But Louder Than bombs by The Smiths,Power,Lies and Corruption by New Order and self-titled album by Stone Roses are amazing and you definitely should go and listen to them. But don’t take it too literally,please.

At the end of the school, my most played album was 2 by Mac Demarco. My friend has recommended Demarco to me and I’m so thankful for that. It is full of calm vibes which are perfect if you are painting or something. I just love it so much.

Then on 1st July Blink 182 have released their new album California and this was kinda a huge obsessi30122_400x400on. Honestly, I was never a Blink 182 fan,but I also loved bands like My Chemical Romance,Fall Out Boy or 30 Seconds toMars,but I never really just went and listened to Blink 182,which was a huge mistake and I blame my 14 years old self for that. This album makes me feel I am 14 again and I´m in love with song Out of her mind. Album was released on red,purple ,white and black vinyl and you know,I just need it so badly.

And 15 days after that Bastille has released their new song Good Grief which I was listening constantly 24/7. If you are interested here is my previous post about what we know so far about Bastille’s new album.

After that, my friends introduced me to Melanie Martinez and her music. At the time when her album Cry Baby was released, I did not think she is a goo059-720x540d enough,I was wrong. But the female artist which is my latest obsession is definitely Lapsley. When I played song Tell me the truth to my friends they all were like “Is this Adele?” She is just amazing and she liked my tweet,get jealous now,ha!

So that’s it. I hope you liked this post and I promise you to make the serious favorites post next month.

What was your most played music for this month?

D. xx


25 thoughts on “June and July’s most played music

  1. I don’t really know all the music you wrote about. I do know Blink 182 . I was just looking up some of the music you’re writing about. I see Patti Smith sang because the night. I only know the remake of this song. But I like the song.

    The music I like: I really love the Dutch band Racoon. They sing in English. If you were interested to listen a song, I’d advice to look up “close your eyes” on youtube.


  2. I have been reading about Blink 182. Have they released a new song already? I am not sure about Blink 182’s songs in the past but sure I have heard them before.


  3. You have great and varied taste in music, I must say, representing different musical eras. I love Bastille and The Smiths too. You look like you have a great vinyl collection, impressive! Way cooler than a Spotify playlist.

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  4. I’m not familiar with these artists but my music for the month is a mix of old songs and “old” songs. Meaning songs from the 80’s and songs from the late 90’s-00’s. To my kids these are old songs!


    • I love 80s and 90s rock music. Yeah,lots of people say these are oldies but if someone say oldies that mean music from 50s,early 60s 🙂


  5. There’s a lot in here that I am not familiar with so I’ll have to look them up afterwards. I only know 2 – Blink 182 and Bastille – but I don’t remember liking them so much, so maybe we have different tastes in music. I’ll still check them out though!


    • Honestly,I understand and thats not my music as a whole thing I guess. I like so many bands and artists and I guess we could find something we both like because my music taste is just bigger than people think.


  6. May I recommend some of my favorite music? Well..first of all, I’ve always been a Grunge girl: Nirvana, Alice in chains, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell and so many other artists from this time period.
    These days one of the best to my taste is Die Antwoord.
    And if you’re into classics and never heard this one : ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’…Then it’s a must have on vinyl.


    • Okay at first,I need to say grunge is one of my favorite eras or something. I love grunge and I adore Nirvana and Pearl Jam but I was always more like kinderwhore. Courtney and her band made me as a person and so did bands like L7,Sonic Youth or Babes in Toyland.
      I know Die Antwoord and I dont like them but King Crimson is something that sound familiar to me.
      thank you anyway. 🙂


  7. What a beautiful collection! Me and my boyfriend love the oldies, and he has been wanting to buy a vinyl player for a while – even though I am a bit scared it will be another thing to add to our huge list of addictions, buying vinyl records.
    Speaking of ‘Louder than bombs’, our blog name (the one we have together) was based on ‘Louder than war’ by Pink Floyd (the name of the blog is Louder Than Silver :p) , even though I love The Smiths as well.
    We had initially planned talking a bit about music as well.


  8. I motly only listen to old rock from end 60 to early 90. Black Sabbath Paranoid is the album I listen the most in a row. I’m never tired of it. I love vinyls, I have loads from my mom (She was the one listening to rock/hard rock while my dad has Barry White’s ones and so on) I’m just searching for an old vintage vinyl player. I even have Paranoid one from then and a David Bowie all yellow.


    • Sounds totally awesome!
      I was never really into Black Sabbath,but I treat this as a recommendation.
      Try second hand shop or something like that,my record player is from one as well.
      And I have like 80 percent of my vinyl collection from my auntie and she loves 80s pop bands so my vinyl collection is full of 80s pop bands which I dont know,haha.

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