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what we know so far about Bastille’s new album

Maybe you did not know this about me but yeah,I am a Bastille fan a.k.a Stormer and I AM EXCITED for this so much. Well, a year ago Dan (the lead singer of Bastille) promised us they will release new album “soon” but nothing came out yet. Fortunately, we know some information about this upcoming release and if you don’t know it,but want to know more about this,just keep reading.

So here is all the information we know so far:bastille-pola-12

  • There will be 12 songs on the album.
  • Songs we don’t know yet for 100 percent but might be on the album are Blame,Snakes,Campus,Oil on water(?),Send them off,Grip and Hangin’
  • The first single from the album is Good Grief and it was released like a few weeks ago.
  • The album will include a few sad songs.
  • They said that they will make UK Tour and The Europe Tour as well. UK Tour will the first one.
  • More electronic and rockier sounding.
  • Supposed to be about how messed up the world is and how you can find solace in relationships.
  • Songs Grip, Bad Taste, and Snakes were recorded in Argentina.
  • Some songs are from film quotes. Good Grief is linked to a movie called Weird Science.
  • World Tour MAYBE (Dan said “sure thing” on Twitter to someone who asked.) And 10 hours ago Dan added tour dates and places on twitter.
  • Deluxe will be like “All This Bad Blood”
  • No remixes.
  • Vinyl version of the album will be on 2LPs.
  • Also making a deluxe vinyl box set which will be available for 95 dollars.
  • Has some vibes from their cover Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.
  • Send Them Off won’t be a single.
  • “The wait will be worth it:” Dan promised.
  • They’ve been working on it for pretty much every day for the past year so.
  • The name od the album will be Wild World
  • It will come out on September the 9th.
  • More info “soon”.

So,that is all we know so far for this moment. Let’s rather watch Dan’s twitter account for more. I am so excited for this. How excited are you? Do you know something more about this album? Just tell me in comments down bellow.


Thanks for reading,see ya soon.

D. xx


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