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The Hope Six Demolition Project

Hello everyone,

I am back. Today with the remake of one of the posts from my previous blog. Honestly,if you know me – it doesn’t really matter if personally or just from social medias – you know how obsessed I was when this came out. It was released on April the 15th and I remember that day very good cuz that was my last day in England. This album is just amazing and I can certainly say this is one of the best releases of this year. But let’s just move to actual album and talk about it. It’s more ..let’s say powerful if you read this after listening to the album because this can be considered as a spoil. You can also listen to it on Spotify for free.

1. Community Of Hope
This song is perfect for the first track on the album. You can watch the link of a video down below to get more information than I could ever give you. At least I thought I can upload videos but this probably doesn’t support videos from youtube so check the link down below. I don’t want to be a bloody spoiler,but PJ says there the entire album is about the impressions she got on the trip to Kosovo and Afganistan which ended in Washington. It has capjharvey0116me out as a video too,but it also sounds great live.

2.The MinistryOf Defence
It all starts kinda dramatically,the guitar riffs are appending, even more, drama. Then PJ starts to sing with her angelic voice and the real drama is alive. According to the drama, she adds her beautiful vocals and heaven is being born. She sings about interpersonal relationships and how the hate will produce the end of the world. But it’s all about PJ´s opinion.

3. A Line In The Sand
The song itself seems to be happy or just full of positive vibes. In fact,it isn’t. To me,it seems like she sings about the owning guns or just guns in general. At the start, she sings – How to stop murdering? – and then she sings – I thought the progress we made we could get something right. One thing is definitive,she is still singing about the interpersonal relationships.

4. Chain Of Keys

It’s just a song about a woman dressed in black holding chain of keys with sad vibes. Nothing interesting at all. But the saxophone there kills it and so does PJ herself. But who knows? Maybe there is something deep hidden in the lyrics.

5. River Anacostia
If you watched the video I linked when I was talking about the first track of the album,you found out that River Anacostia is part in the river in D.C. PJ sings river is “flowing with the poisons” which she just wants to tell us about pollution of the water in the river. The entire song is the just lopj_harvey-2016-the_hope_six_demolition_project-trailerw-key version of world´s end.

6. Near To The Memorials of Vietnam and Lincoln
The energic repeating of the song´s title just feels like disoriented poetry.which seems to use more vocalists. We can not say a lot about this song but lets justs think it is about tourists visiting memorials of War in Vietnam or president Lincoln.

7. The Orange Monkey
This song is that one when PJ partly explains the message of this album – To make people aware of what’s going on this planet and that it is our fault. Some people says Polly has written this song for Donald Trump as well,but honestly,will we ever know the truth about it? And btw,this song was made as a video too.

8. Medicals
The voice of PJ screams with the low-key saxophone rhythm. The song contains thoughts of present and past as well,but honestly,I have no idea what this song is supposed to be about.

9. The Ministry of Social Affairs
And now let’s just go back to the 20s,because the old blues are back alive because of this song. With the reference to ministry of social affairs,if we think about the lyrics of previous tracks this ain´t out of way. And just listen to that solo. Isn´t that just amazing?

10. The Wheel
This it is the longest track on the album linked to victims all around the world,but above all Afganistan. “I see them fade out.” she sings,but cannot help.

11. Dollar,Dollar
Final track. It is about a boy who has lost somewhere in the shop
and was looking through the window interpretation and for some money. In general,this is a sad song. But the thing I love about this song is how you aren’t supposed to listen to just the song lyrics and music only but also the story because of the sound of the street. The way how PJ just lives through the story is fascinating and no doubt this is one the best music releases of the year.

What do YOU think about this album? Let me know about it and we can start the big twitter conversation or something,lol. That’s all for today.

See ya soon. 🙂


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