the first words

Just hello everyone.

This is unbelievable. You know,it all just looks like this my first blog post ever and you are expecting it will be the total crap,but in fact,it isn’t. I had a blog before this one and I just decided to move it to WordPress. At first,I was amazed but really,this was a good idea.

Also, I never knew I would start to blog in English. I am not from an English-speaking country so that’s why. Yeah,I wanted to start being a big youtube girl and make videos about my vinyl records,but just not now. I just think more people can see my posts and I can share more of my thoughts and influence more people when I write in English.

But don’t worry, I want to remake some of my important posts from my previous blog,but it will be only the stuff that means something to me. I want to make some new posts, a lot of things just happened in my life and want to share it with you guys.

Guess I said too much but didn’t say enough for this time.See ya soon and have a nice day,bye. 🙂

Denisa xx


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